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Looking for a free burn in or diagonstic software to test a new home built
that is freezing up after a few hours. Is there any software to run a
diagonstic that will help find what is causing the problems to buy.
xcuse the spelling

Re: Burn In

On Fri, 02 Sep 2005 16:08:33 GMT, "LaRrY"

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Generally it is best to test one subsystem at a time.

Memtest86+ for memory.
Prime95's Torture Test (in-place large FFTs) for CPU heat
and heat-induced errors.  Further testing could be done with
Prime95 in the other (than in-place large FFTs) modes but is
best left as a followup after 3DMark testing.

While running Prime95 (before and during) note the voltage
levels with software, but preferribly with a mutimeter
through the rear of the board connector(s).

3DMark(nnnn) for 3D and higher system load if the box has a
potential for gaming... whichever version of 3DMark is most
appropriate per your specific video, otherwise it will be
more of a test of CPU or video but not both as equally, a
lower total load.

Otherwise, tests more specific to the particular role of the
system could be appropriate.  Timed network transfers or
benchmarks, drive benchmarks, etc, etc.  Google will find
whatever you need.

Re: Burn In

On Fri, 02 Sep 2005 16:08:33 GMT As Androids Dreamed Of Electric Sheep

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There's is no such thing as a,"Burn-in" program since 286
processors.Software Ram testers are a waste of time and download as
are CPU stress testing software.

There are correctly built PCs with functional components and correctly
installed operating systems with the correctly installed drivers
including the mother board drivers.

I think you are looking for a program to correct your lack of
knowledge and mistakes.

On the physical side if the system only freezes after a period of time
as you state then look to a heat related problem.Incorrectly install
HSF/Combo and or restricted ventilation to the system and or a high
ambient temperature where the device is located.

As a quick and decent test install this program,


and check your temps and voltages.If they are out-of-wack with the
specs in any way then the mother board may be faulty so no point
Testing RAM or CPU.

HTH :)

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