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Ok I need to know if this is all good for gaming. And of course
regular use for
instant messaging and internet browsing.

But mainly gaming smile recent


Computer Case:

Hard Drive:

Video Card:

Memory: I have
1g now but will buy 2nd soon.

ok with this
combination..what do you guys think for the new sports,
and army games?

Re: Building my computer...Advice

i would always go with 2 smaller HD in raid 0.

Boba Vankufer

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Re: Building my computer...Advice

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 04:18:08 GMT, no@spam.invalid (sportsguyfan)

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What processor do you have?  You dont really need a powerful one but
Id get at least a 3000-3200 AMD 64.

That MB is OK but Id rather get the Ultra but I think this one is
pretty good. I remember I was thinking about getting it but ended up
getting the chaintech since it was cheaper at the time and was an
ULTRA. Probably not a big deal. I remember posts from people who
bought the board and they claimed it was fine.

HD - thats OK. You get the best deals from Compusa during sales.
I think theres a 200-250 deal this week though the past few weeks
havent been the best , a bit spotty after the boffo Black Friday
deals.  You get the usual deals somewhere though ---- either Compusa,
Best Buy or CC etc are having deals every other week.

The WD I think has a 1 year warrannty.
Others have posted these deals which are probably better:

Seagate 250 gig SATA 5 year warranty $109 free shipping

Hitachi 250 gig sata 109.99 - rebates = 59.99 3 year warranty

I really like the Hitachi the 160 gig sata I bought. It really does
feel faster than the PATA seagates, maxtors  and WDs Ive been using.
Not because of the interface but because of the overall design.

RAID  0 -- you really do it at your own risk. Anandtech advised
against it saying in the real world virtually no performance gain
though artificial benchmarks would show big improvements. Not even for
games --- they tested it with Far Cry etc. They also noted it
increases chances of data loss. On top of that --- Ive been
experimenting with RAID 0 again though Ive read the ANANDTECH article
bexause I thought maybe my PC was more server like ---- in the
wimpiest sense of course. I do multitasking chores and various things
seem to bog my PC down.  Subjectively it seemed to help RAID 0 with
some things --- not a huge difference but a minor one, but you add on
the fact that there are sporadic but persistent reports of nforce4 MBs
and data corruption problems and other things especially with RAID but
also with HDs in general. I had disasterous results with RAID 0 ---
constant severe data corruption. I mean disaster.

I finally got it going again - my MB bios also died when I tried to
update it thinking that would fix the corruption problems. Well I
tried some fixes mentioned - disabling TCQ etc but my PC froze again
with RAID 0 so I gave up.  But like I said I noticed a difference
after I switched to the Hitachi SATA so Im happy with that.  

Id get the 6600GT instead though its only 128 megs


Re: Building my computer...Advice

Same deal as the other two guys"

Use Raid 0

Get as powerful of a CPU as you can afford

If you want to play newer games then you will need to beef up that video

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Re: Building my computer...Advice

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 04:18:08 GMT, no@spam.invalid (sportsguyfan)

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Since so many people are pushing RAID 0 again ----- I didnt say use
RAID 0. I said it was considered almost useless and added more risk in
terms of losing your data.  In fact with the reports of nforce4
problems with hard dsiks --- its makes it far riskier than even
Anandtech claimed since he was factoring in normal random failures.

Heres is the original article where he advised not to use RAID 0

Anandtech :

Final Words

If you haven't gotten the hint by now, we'll spell it out for you:
there is no place, and no need for a RAID-0 array on a desktop
computer. The real world performance increases are negligible at best
and the reduction in reliability, thanks to a halving of the mean time
between failure, makes RAID-0 far from worth it on the desktop.

There are some exceptions, especially if you are running a particular
application that itself benefits considerably from a striped array,
and obviously, our comments do not apply to server-class IO of any
sort. But for the vast majority of desktop users and gamers alike,
save your money and stay away from RAID-0.

Add to that data corruption problems

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