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Every year, I create about 10 thousand still photographs and several
hours of miniDV movies. I would like to store all of this information
on a server in my home. I do not have any plans to make my server
accessible to the general public; it is for my use, only. I am looking
for ideas of what kind of server I should build, and I would appreciate

I suppose that I could get a large case, outfit it with some number of
the largest hard drives available (300 GB is just becoming available)
and attach a UPS and networking equipment, but I want to avoid things
that would compromise my system, such as heat or hackers.

Would a 64-bit processor be of practical benefit? I doubt that
multi-processors would help me very much in this application? What kind
of OS would be best? What motherboards handle this work best?

I am also going want to make a mobile server for my car or pickup
truck, but it would auxiliary to my home server. It would have its own
set of challenges, but I intend it to perform the same central task as
my home server.

Thank you.

Re: Building a File Server

On 15 Mar 2005 12:36:34 -0800, wrote:

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heat is simple, build using cool-running CPU & video and put
fans on the HDDs' intake.  Hackers are probably more
interested in your personal-use PC, the one you'd use to
make online purchases with a credit-card.  Just keep your
lan secure from the outside.

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No, nor would any modern 32 bit CPU.  Personal fireserving
has very low performance requirements.  A Pentium 200 with a
PCI controller card would be sufficient for 100Mb.  A 1GHz+
is better suited to GbE.

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There are two things that will matter most:

1)  The lan speed.
2)  IF the lan speed is GbE, the HDD speed and bus the GbE
controller is used on.  IE- for best GbE, don't use a 32
bit, 33MHz PCI bus based card.  Then again, for the
described uses it's probably overkill to spend any extra
time or $$ on anything high-end.

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Doesn't necessarily matter, whatever OS you're comfortable
with.  Is it going to be FTP or Windows filesharing or
something else?  

A linux derivative might be tailored to the task, but Win2k,
XP, would do ok too.  Simple fileserving for a limited
number of client systems is something any of the popular OS
can do.

Re: Building a File Server

Dont forget the good old raid set up

Unless you wanna say bye bye to your data go for 1 or a 0+1 setup might cost
more but saves the pain later on. 2 250gb's for 1 or 4 200's 0+1 my
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Re: Building a File Server

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 00:32:00 GMT, "Veritech"

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Make RAID 5 Happen Using WindowsXP
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