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   I know very little about gamer type systems.
   I need to build a computer around the ASI Sapphire Radeon X850 XT
DVI/CRT/TV-out PCI Express video board.
   I need to know what specific motherboards support this with no
conflicts like on-board video.
   Are there such boards that support the standard IDE drives (CD, DVD, HD)?
   Please be kind to give eXplicit recommendations.

   I used anandtech with the search terms ASUS and NVIDIA and came up
with two motherboards:
1) Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe: NVIDIA Dual x 16 for the Athlon 64; the review
seemed a little washy, and it was not clear if it supports 4 IDE devices.
2) Asus A8N-VM CSM: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 (Athlon 64 or Sempron); not much
of a review, but the specs and other info seem to indicate that this
board is better.

   And if this second board is better, which CPU: Athlon 64 or Sempron?
   What kind of memory?

Re: Build gamer PC help..

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  The VM means it has video on the motherboard.  In this case a
new Nvidia 6150 chipset.

  I would think they are still selling the A8N-E that I have, it is
pretty good.  Why the NVIDIA in your search?  All ASUS MB
that have an "N" after the first number are using a Nvidia chipset,
for the MB components (not for video).

  The A8N32-SLI does have a newer chipset than the one in the
A8N-E.  The difference between the A8N-VM and the A8N32
is that while both have the same two IC chipset, the Northbridge
chip in the A98N32 doesn't have 6150 graphics.  I don't know
if it is a totally different version of that chip or if they just disabled
part of it.

  Try Googling next time.


Re: Build gamer PC help..

On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 09:26:53 GMT, Robert Baer

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Those are two weird choices. The second one costs 80 bucks and has
video built in like the poster said which you dont need.

The first one costs 220 bucks ! And it has sli I think two slots so
you can use two nvidia video cards for more graphics power. Its kind
of nutty choices like you picked at random or something.

Why dont you get the board the other poster mentioned its $95 and an
nforce4 ultra you dont need SLI

Its got the usual two IDE connections for FOUR devices --- CD, DVDs
and HDs.

Its got 4 SATA connections.

If you have more than 4 IDE pata needs because you have lots of older
PATA HDs you can get pata to SATA converters at   Im using the the ones that arent the cheapest ones
listed there. They are slightly more expensive around $13 bucks I
think each. You need one per HD.

Its worked fine on an older nforce2 ASUS and I carried them over to an
nforce4 chaintech ULTRA and it works fine there too.

A good CPU to get is the X2 3800.

If you want to get a TV tuner card too get the PowerCooler 550
if you want to save a PCI slot.

I just got rid of my 150 hauppauge now and am going for this cause its
one of the very few PCI express 1x type cards. Its a hefty 90 bucks
though. If you dont need to save your PCI slots you can get the
150 hauppauge or the 550 ATI/sapphire/etc for cheaper as low as
$79 or so I think with remote and software.

Re: Build gamer PC help.. wrote:

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** i guess you did not *read* what i said; "I used anandtech with the
search terms ASUS and NVIDIA" and that is what it gave!
   I did not choose those boards,i did not even know they existed before

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** ?? Someone else mentoined the N82E16813131530 ??

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** ?? Remote?? What does that mean?

Re: Build gamer PC help..

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 08:13:49 GMT, Robert Baer

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Yes didnt you see the other reply to your post?

As long as its an nforce4 ultra with the features you need from a
decent maker thats all you need. I wouldnt spend 200 unless there was
some compelling reason to spend that much for a board.

Anandtech reviews all sorts of models so they can have a weird variety
of boards there.

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Remote control like for your TV.

If you get a TV tuner card many but not all come with a remote control
so you can change channels etc. However you also have controls on
screen you can change the channel with etc with a mouse. I never
really cared for remote controls for TV tuners cause Im usually
sitting right in front of the LCD screen when watching TV tuner
sourced shows. However many do like having a remote.

See the other post I made about TV tuners. Someone just asked about TV
tuner and capture cards today.  

Im using a X2 3800 dual core AMD processor on a chaintech ultra
nforce4 board (sent in for RMA repair) and a 7800GT card to play games
on my 26" HDTV screen which I use as a PC monitor now.  Amazingly
immersive experience.  I really recommend trying to get a cheap HDTV
LCD if you are really building a gaming machine. Theyve been having
the reoccuring Syntax Olevia HVX LCD TV sale over and over again at
Compusa. They had one a week ago again. Its 26 " wide screen HDTV
499 after rebates.  The one caveat being its a HDTV so its got
1366x768  res not ideal for critical graphics work and the colors
arent probably all that accurate either for such work but then if you
are serious about such work youll have a separate monitor.

Even I have my old viewsonic 19" still. There also have been sales
finally on PC widescreens. Widescreen PC lcds were supposed to be the
rage the next big thing this year and more and more firms are selling
them.  The thing I noticed ---- HDTV because of their lower res tend
to be much cheaper when you get a budget rebate sale on one. The PC
wides used to be really high resolution different 1600x1200 etc. So
you would see these DELLs etc for 800-1000 bucks. I think DELL came
out with a 30 inchwide for 2000-3000 bucks now.

However Viewsonic and others are now dumping cheap WIDES on the mkt
and they unsurprisingly are much lower res around the same as the
HDTVs. They seem like HDTV screens without the guts.  I think COMPUSA
is selling a Viewsonic for 299 or 399 this week 19 or 20 widescreen.
I noticed a Toms Hardware did a review on wides which may be a bit old
I didnt read it yet but the title seemed to imply they suck in overall
specs but then they are lower res etc . For gaming its great.  

I have several sets of speakers. One is a cheapo Logitech 5.1 which I
recommend for gaming. The surround sound experience adds a lot. You
hear footsteps and growls coming from behind etc. Its much better even
with a cheaper 5.1 than stereo. I think I got it for $29 or 39 after

I also have a pair of Maudio Studio nearfield monitors just cause I
wanted to hear some nearfields, for their hyped flat response to mix
down music. Ive got a Maudio card for recording.

Get a decent gaming card too. Even a cheaper Audigy or something
everyone says its better than onboard buikt in sound.  I ordered one
from Amazon who shall henceforth be bashed and dragged through the mud
by me cause they sucked SOOOOOOOO bad. I mean they really acted like
sh*ts.  OOoooooooh.  Its hard to imagine a firm I hate more now. They
suck so bad.

There are lots of sales on Audigys now cause they have the new Xfi
card which is a ridiculous 80-100+

I really like the new MS ergo boards now. Im using the older
multimedia corded ergos and love it but the new one is black so you
dont see all that filth and grunge that builds up on all white and
beige Keyboards. Believe you may not notice your own but when I go to
peoples houses and see their KBs I want take a pair of rubber gloves
with me before touching them they look so filthy.

MS wireless mouse --- I love them. The batteries last about a month.
Some others here hate MS so they like the logitech  instead.

Ive been running FEAR, DOOM3 and add on , FAR cry etc.

Re: Build gamer PC help.. wrote:

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   Thanks for the input; shall be quite useful.

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