Buffalo Pro Duo Won't Navigate

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My new Buffalo Pro Duo is refusing to communicate with
NAS Communicator.  It worked fine at first but just
stopped working.  The Duo is usable as it is, I can read
and write data to it, but I cannot change any settings.  Buffalo
support is off for the weekend and I'd really like to get this

The browser window displays and I can enter the user name
and passwords (still set to defaults).  After that, the browser
goes blank, the progress bar creeps along for several minutes
but settings never display.

Another, minor, problem is whenever Navigator starts it
complains that the clock is not set.  When I try to set it
it refused to accept the password.

The Duo refuses to turn off when the on/off button is pushed.
Pulling the plug didn't help.  I was hoping recycling the power
would cure the problem.  Buffalo's documentation is inadequate.


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