Budget, reliable PCI firewire card

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I need a cheap but stable PCI firewire card to use with an audio interface
(M-Audio FW1814 - a glorified sound card). I don't think it needs FW 800 but
the faster the better obviously, and my PC is temperamental enough as it is
so stability is important. So is cheapness. I'm running Windows XP on an
Athlon XP 1800; my motherboard is an Elite K7S5A with a SIS735 chipset. I
live in the UK if anyone wants to sell me anything. Thanks!


tj hertz

Re: Budget, reliable PCI firewire card

On Sat, 09 Jul 2005 15:05:14 GMT, "TJ Hertz"

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Have you tried Ebay ?  I dont know the situation in the UK but stuff
like little addon cards are often sold at decent prices through Ebay
by some small vendor.  I rarely buy anything else because the prices
really arent that great and especially factoring in risk but I have
bought things in the past - guitar amp (a UK Laney good deal), digital
camera (mediocre deal) etc. I only buy small things now. In the US
they have decent prices on controller cards, firewire cards and stuff
like that but the shipping fees tend to be high so many really small
items are also not that great a deal unless you cant find a decent
retail place online.

I got a store branded (Compusa) firewire card for $10 two months ago
which works OK on my force4 board 400 Mbps.

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