Broken Antenna Cable/Case Cover Problem

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Broken Cable
As you can see from these pictures, the antenna cable on my Acer 3620
laptop has been damaged. I was wondering if this was most probably the
reason that my wireless connection won't connect and gives the message
"Network cable is unplugged". Also, does anyone know how to replace a
broken cable?

Case Cover
After taking this cover off of my laptop, I am having trouble getting
it back on. I'm not sure why because this would be the third time I've
replaced it and both of the other times it has gone on (with some
difficulty) but now it's not staying on right at all. When it does snap
on, there is a bulge in the middle of the left side from the cable
underneath it. The lid to my laptop won't close right because of this.
Does anyone have any advice for this?

Any help on either of these things would be much appreciated.

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Re: Broken Antenna Cable/Case Cover Problem

On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 01:39:19 -0400, JadedBasketCase

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We'll have to take your word on it that it's damage, the
picture makes it just look a little bent which is not so

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I can't see that it is actually broken instead of just bent,
but if it is broken internally, yes that could prevent you
from getting a connection.  As for the network cable being
unplugged, are you sure it is referring to the wifi and not
a wired ethernet jack on the laptop?  Without the antenna
elements connected you should have very small or no signal
strength and that lack of network connection would generate
the message.

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It's generally an antenna assembly that includes one or two
pieces of metal sheet as the antenna elements, permanently
attached to that wire in the lid, and the wire runs back to
a tiny connector on the mainboard or a slotted wifi card.

You have to unplug the tiny connector and dismount the
antenna element pieces, after removing the notebook panels
necessary to access them.  Replacing only the piece of wire
is not a realistic alternative, especially when the
subassembly isn't very expensive (might cost a lot from the
OEM, but a spare parts supplier/website or ebay might have
something suitable for about $5-20.  On ebay you would want
to search for laptop antenna not necessarily just your make
and model and look at the pictures.

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The pictures are too small to see much detail, but even with
good pictures it might be hard to advise.  "Probably" you
have the cable routed differently now and it needs moved out
of the way somehow/somewhere.

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