Booting from USB stick with Gigabyte GA33-DS3R motherboard

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Windows XP does not correctly format a USB stick=92s boot sector.
Instead use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to format in FAT32. =

This utility enables an image file to be used to boot the USB stick
e.g. a Windows 98 Startup Disk floppy. If preferred, Slax linux can be
extracted from its tar file to the USB stick. Bootinst.bat in the boot
folder is then run in Windows to create a boot sector again this
won=92t work if the stick has been formatted in Windows.

Alternatively, Universal USB Installer will do the whole job for most
Linux distros, including formatting. /

To boot from the USB stick, keep hitting F12 during boot up, then
select + Hard Disc from the Boot Menu. On the next menu, USB-HDD0 :
NAME should appear at the top of the list, if the USB stick has been
formatted correctly.

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