Bootable CD not booting

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I have downloaded ISO image of  Gparted Live CD and burnt a CD using
that .
Now, that CD is booting in a latest machine , but it gives "Boot
failure "  message
in another older machine .

I had used other bootable CDs in this older machine earlier .

Booting sequence also is correct .

Could there be any problem in ISO image ? Or is it because of old BIOS
which could not recognize the boot sectors of CD ?

Thanks ..


Re: Bootable CD not booting wrote:
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Maybe there is NO boot image in the ISO therefor NO boot image on the CD

have a look at the CD with IsoBuster to see whats there

Re: Bootable CD not booting wrote:

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Since your new CD boots in your newer machine, the image is OK.

Did you use a re-writable CD here?  Older CD readers may not be
able to read CDRW disks, but do read write-once media.

Have you tried to read other CDs in the old machine recently?
Maybe it just died.

Re: Bootable CD not booting

On 5 May 2006 02:21:58 -0700, wrote:

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How old is the old system's optical drive?

Take the optical drive from the newer system (or an
alternate newer optical drive) and try booting from it, on
the old system.   I suspect your old drive doesn't fully
support El Torito... but there isn't enough info to be sure,
the easiest would be to just try a newer drive.

Re: Bootable CD not booting

The old drive is Creative 40X  drive .  I think it is around 8 years
old. (Part no.  CD4020)

However , I  was able to boot Ubuntu 4.10  Live CD  in this drive
without any problem .

Also , the same CD is booting  in the ASUS  52X  CDROM drive
in another machine . It successfully boots in Samsung COMBO drive
SM-352 N   also.

Therefore , it appears , there is no problem with CD or the ISO image
from which it was burnt.


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