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Have an Athlon 1.2gig. Been running about 4 or 5 years now. When I try to
boot, it fails. After about 3 or 4 tries the BIOS screen pops up and says
the computer failed boot because the CPU frequency is wrong. I leave it
where it is, save and exit and it goes into windows. Just started doing
this. Any ideas?

Re: Boot problem

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Order from most likely to least:

- Bad CMOS battery
- Dust plugged CPU fan or PSU
- Loose/oxidized cables or PCI slots (be sure to disconnect power if pulling
memory or PCI cards)
- Failing mainboard (check the capacitors for slight swelling or brown goop

Re: Boot problem

Thanks for the reply. I neglected to mention something. When the CMOS screen
was up I hit the enter key to select and I got a bunch of crazy vertical
lines on the monitor. I had a fire gl 8700 video card installed. I shut down
and pulled it and installed an ATI 7500. Booted fine several times. Going to
try the 8700 in another computer.
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