Boot off onboard VGA & access AGP Card?

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Is it possible to have an AGP graphics card plugged in and still force
the computer to boot off of the onboard VGA?  In my CMOS the only
setting I have is "PCI" or "onboard/AGP".

I was flashing the BIOS on my AGP video card when I lost power to the
computer.  Now when I boot up with the AGP card installed, it fails the
POST and I get no video.

What I'd like to do is boot off of my onboard VGA card, but still have
access to the AGP card so I can try to complete the BIOS flash.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Boot off onboard VGA & access AGP Card?

On 26 Jun 2006 08:59:47 -0700, wrote:

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Not if the onboard VGA is AGP based, which it is on any
system which has AGP.  AGP is a port, not a bus, so one
device can use it _only_.  If the card is plugged in, it is
the only one that can use the port.

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You need to remove the AGP card, install a PCI card, boot to
the bios and confirm it's set to initialize the PCI first
(if it isn't set this way already).  Turn the system off and
on again to confirm the PCI card still has video (just to be

Next power off (unplug AC power again too), install the AGP
card.  Leave monitor connected to PCI card.  Reconnect AC
and turn system on.  This is the procedure to use but
"sometimes" the AGP card will keep the system from posting
still... in which case your only options would be to try the
AGP card in another system that will post (with the PCI card
in it, too) or removal of the card's EEPROM and reflashing
or replacing it before putting it back on the card (which is
difficult unless you have experience doing it, as some cards
have bios EEPROM soldered on and some are now very small
surface mount... I mean VERY small, I dont' know the package
size but it is smaller than .6 cubic centimeters.

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You can't, will need a PCI card (or ISA if your system is
old enough to have ISA slot(s)).

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