boot from DVD/CD drive problem

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I asked this before and got a couple suggestions which I tried but
nothing has panned out yet.   So still looking for suggestions to the
[edited] question....

I'm building a new PC to put Vista on.  It's Intel core duo 6300 with
ECS P965A-T mobo.  To check it out I put XP Home on it just so I could
make sure it's working.  It installed XP fine  and I have done all the
upgrades thru SP 2 and a zillion others from the MS update web page.

I have one SATA HD in it (maxtor 200 gig).  I have a floppy and an
combo drive.  It's also got a sapphire PCIex16 radeon video card.  I
have installed the drivers that came with everything, the Mobo, the
DVD (plus updated the firmware), the Video card, modem, etc.

Here's the problem.  I installed Partion Magic 8 to see what the HD
partition looked like to make sure I was getting the full 2000 gig. It

To further check things I wanted to boot directly from the Partition
Magic as I would  in an emergency.  I can boot from the PM
CD but as it runs thru its little routine it wants to create a ramdisk
and make it the Y: drive.  But it doesn't seem to be finding something
it wants and can't do that little routine so it can't copy the files
to the Y: drive and basically just drops out to DOS when its' script

Any clues on why this is happening???  Is there some kind of DOS
drivers XP is supposed to be loading but isn't?   It's bugging the
heck out of me.  My old computer with XP Pro on it boots PM properly
and creates the Y: drive.

Re: boot from DVD/CD drive problem

Ashton Crusher wrote:
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Is the hard drive connected to an ICH8 port, or to the JMB361 ?


Re: boot from DVD/CD drive problem

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It's on the SATA port number 1 of 4 or 5.  There is another SATA port
on a different controller or something and it's a different color
header, I think they call it SATAII on the webpage summary but I'm not
using that.

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