Boot freezes, blank display

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I have a PC with ASRock 939S56-M motherboard and ATI Radeon graphics
card. I have used the system for 14 months. About 2..3 times a month
the system freezes so that I have to cycle power off-on. I do not know
whether those hangs were caused by hardware or software.

Now the system doesn't boot any more. When I turn power on, the CD-ROM
drive and hard disk LEDs blink for a while, and finally the the floppy
disk LED turns on and the system stays like that forever! There are no
beeps from BIOS POST (Power On Self Test). The screen is completely
blank - no memory check messages nor anything else, just a black
screen! I have tried two monitors (one with DVI connection and another
with standard VGA connection), and both monitors remain black!

If I try to boot from a floppy disk or a CD, somethings seems to happen
according to the floppy disk and CD LEDs and sounds, but the monitor is
still totally black!

I have opened the PC and all fans (power supply, processor and graphics
card) work. The cables seem to be OK, but I have not tried to
disconnect and re-connect them.

I have not modified the hardware setup for 14 months.

Any ideas what should I do next?

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