Blue Screen,nv_4.dll,restart

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Hi everyone!Sorry for my English!I have this problem:When I play a PC
game after few minutes the PC direktly restars or blue screen with
error nv_4.dll.Help!!!

Re: Blue Screen,nv_4.dll,restart

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This is commonly caused by buggy drivers so the first thing to try is to
make sure you have the latest graphics drivers for your operating system.
If newer ones exist, download and install them.

However this problem can also be caused by hardware which is overheating,
does not have enough power, or in extreme cases which is damaged.  Check
your system temperates, if the inside of your case is running too hot then
there's a good chance the graphics card is overheating when playing games.

It would also be a good idea to review the amount of devices inside your
PC in relation to your power supply - can your PSU provide enough power
for all of them? Playing games uses the graphics card (and other
system components) heavily, and hence draws more power. If extra power is
not available then the hardware is prone to fail.  A quick check of the
voltages in the 'System health' section of your CMOS setup program will
tell you how reliable (or not) the power source is.  Any gaming system
with modern hardware should have a good power supply from a reliable make,
which is at least 350W.


Re: Blue Screen,nv_4.dll,restart


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nVidia driver problelm, could be caused by:

General system instability such as overheating CPU, video
card, or (system) memory errors.

Buggy video driver, try a newer (newest) then an older
version.  For example try the newest 8x.x and if that
doesn't work well, go back an entire decade to 7x.xx

Buggy game - perhaps one of the most common problems as
games are rushed to market too fast.  Check your game
settings (try different video/visual settings) and look for
game patches.

Re: Blue Screen,nv_4.dll,restart

it could also be caused by a divice driver malfunctioning.

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