Blu Ray stutters while being played

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I am not quite sure if this is a hardware question or not.

I own a computer with Vista sp2 that works well.

Inside are:

cpu: Intel E8400 C. to D.
storage: several moderm sata hdd's (controlled them with HDTune)
memory: 4 GB branded (controlled with MEM 86+)
mobo: Gigabyte EP45-DS3R
vidcard: HD2600 Pro w. 512 mem
power unit: Enermax 425 W  Modu82+
monitor: LG L245WP (full hd)
etc. all good stuff.

I also own a LG combo player that can play Blu Ray disks, a GGH-H20L.

I sometimes play one of my BBC 'Planet Earth' BR-disks but they do not
play or at any rate do not view well. The video constantly stutters.
I have tried to find the cause of this but as all of the hard- and
software is o.k. for the viewing of hd-video (all things that need to
be hdcp-compliant are) and the workload while playing the disks is low
I failed.

The GGW works with the version of Powerdvd that was delivered with it
and also had been automatically updated some time ago. The GGW has the
latest firmware.

Then the idea came to me that maybe, as the footage on the BR-disks
has been shot at 24 frames per sec. my full-hd and hdcp-certified
monitor is not able to show this footage in the right way or perhaps
the frequencies that are allowed by the videocard are not adequate?? I
took a look into the possible freq. settings of the vidcard and saw
only a possible 25 frames per second frequency, not 24 p/s and tried
this but the video still stuttered.

What can I possibly do?


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