Blank Monitor (but not broken)

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Ever since I used my 19 inch Hansol 920P desktop monitor with my work
laptop (using extended desktop) it no longer works with the desktop PC.

It is not broken as it still works perfectly well if I plug it into the

If I boot up the desktop in safe mode or vga mode then the monitor
works. However in normal mode on the desktop, the monitor works fine up
until the windows loading screen and then goes completely blank. The
green power light then flashes on and off. Windows has definately
loaded as I can still open programs and play music (if I manage to
guess where the icons are!).

Any ideas?


Re: Blank Monitor (but not broken)

Refresh rate is too high... Boot into safe mode and lower the refresh rate
or resolution.

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Re: Blank Monitor (but not broken)

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Is a resolution too high for the monitor being used ?
How does the Hansol respond when the resolution is too
high - same response ?

If it was my machine, I guess I'd try removing the video
card driver on the PC, reboot, and then I'd likely be using
640x480 or 800x600 when rebooted normally into Windows. Then,
reinstall the video card driver, followed by another reboot.
And pray the driver doesn't "remember" the overly high
resolution selection you had previously. That setting may be
stored in the registry somewhere, or left in some file after
the uninstall.

The 15 pin VGA connector, has a couple pins which make a
serial data bus. The serial bus allows an exchange of info
between a multisync monitor and a video card. The info includes
a list of acceptable resolutions. That is one way the video
card driver is supposed to get some info on the resolutions
that the monitor supports. Some video card drivers allow
overriding those choices, so as a user, you still have to
be careful with the resolution settings.

On an LCD, you might get an "on screen display" (OSD), saying
the resolution is too high. An older CRT might not have the
luxury of displaying that kind of info, and a flashing LED on
the monitor might be an alternative way of saying the
resolution selected is too high. Read your Hansol user manual,
to see if the flashing LED is "too high res", or "no signal".


Re: Blank Monitor (but not broken)

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Video card drivers ?.
Start in safe mode, and check your Device Manager.

Re: Blank Monitor (but not broken)

Cheers guys.

Removing the graphics card driver did the trick. Now installed latest

Re: Blank Monitor (but not broken)


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If your account is complete and accurate (we'll assume so),
it would seem your monitor has some settings for the
resolution stored in nv memory (in the monitor).  You might
try fiddling with the on screen settings.  If that doesn't
help, boot to safe mode and set the lowest refresh rate and
resolution, make sure the monitor is using it's driver (INF
file containing the resolution and refresh support), and try
using your video card driver's "reset defaults" button
(might be worded differently).

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