Biostar P4M890-M7 SE Apparent problems

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Has anyone heard of a problem with Biostar's P4M890-M7 SE

I am experiencing some very unusual things related to
the IDE hard drives, a CD and a CD burner, and just now
a keyboard that all of a sudden stops working.

My problems are primarily with the CD drives. Sometimes
the BIOS sees a CD drive, then it doesn't. Early on in
the build, a burned CD that was bootable in two other
systems was not readable in the p4m890-m7 se.  Then it
starts being readable.

I've swapped out cables and CD drives. First the swap-
ped CD registered on POST, then it didn't. Now I'm back
to the original CD, which is reading the CD it first
refused to read.

There's what seems to be an outside chance that having
partitioned and formatted two 160 gig drives on the system
using Gparted (Gentoo based OSS partition/format tool) is
somehow involved, but that doesn't seem reasonable, so I
am now looking for any info on this M/B.


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