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How good is Biostar? I am about to buy a computer new with
these specs: Biostar P4M890-M7-SE : uATX Socket LGA775
FSB800MHz DDR2 533 PCI-E

Is it a high/medium/low end board? Please respond asap. Thanks.

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Biostar is a low to medium tiered brand in general, though
that particular board is low-end besides that it's from
Biostar.  A few features missing include having only two
SATA150, not SATA300), gigabit ethernet, only two memory
slots, and a slower chipset-integrated video.  At least it
does have a PCI Express 16X slot should you want to install
a video card later (assuming system doesn't come with a
separate video card).

I've came across some Biostar boards that worked fine and
others with minor problems like being picky about memory.
It seems a larger gamble to use one, but that is offset by
the low cost.

Although it has these limitations, we can't know the use of
the system, it might be a reasonable choice on a tight
budget but IMO, if the whole system w/o monitor costs more
than about $500 then this board is inappropriate.  It would
seem most ideal for a basic light office system.  Another
concern if the system uses a low end board is whether other
parts were similarly low end like the power supply.  Unless
you're overclocking the parts, a low end PSU will tend to
fail before a low end board will.

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Pete wrote:

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I have experience with only one BioStar, a Socket A mobo, and it had a
couple of design quirks.

1. It had only a single power connector, the 20-pin one, yet it it
didn't run the CPU from the +5V rail but from the +12V rail, which was
supported with only a single yellow wire on the 20-pin connector.
That could have caused an excessive voltage drop with a super-fast

2. If I configured the BIOS for network boot but there was no network
connection, the mobo would hang so badly that the only way to get it
to boot was by first discharging the CMOS battery.

I think a better budget brand is Asrock, from Asus.

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Isn't that  kind of pushy of you?   ;)

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Pete wrote:
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It's not in the top 50% of good, reliable motherboard brands.

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