BIOS upgrade problem?

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Hi All

Gigabyte GA8IPE1000 Rev 2
1Gig DDR
WinXp-Pro SP1
2x120Gig IDE
1x200Gig SATA
nVidia 5700Ultra
Enermax 480W PSU

The mobo had the first release BIOS, so I decided to upgrade it due to small
problems with the SATA drive. I don't think any upgrades mentioned SATA in
the 'bugs fixed' list, but I thought I'd give it a try. The SATA problem is
that the drive just disappears sometimes (twice actually). A reboot (not
power cycle) makes it come back.
Anyway, I did the BIOS upgrade, going one rev at a time (with reboots
inbetween). But now, I have an application that will not run. Cakewalk Pro
Audio 9 just gives me the 'oh dear I have a problem, sorry for the
inconvenience etc' message. As soon as I start this program I get a little
picture of a keyboard (piano) in my taskbar (that thing bottom right with
little icons, and the time etc). I don't ever remember having this before.
If you hover over it, it says MIDI activity. Maybe it's always been there.
I have another MIDI app that still works, but there is no activity shown on
this icon thing.
Question is, how can I get rid of this MIDI icon? Is it this causing the
And, how can I get my CW pro audio 9 working again? I have uninstalled, and
re-installed (with rebooting in between), but no change.
Even if I disable the MIDI port in the BIOS, when I start cakewalk I get get
this midi activity icon.
Thanks for listening.

Re: BIOS upgrade problem?

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 10:18:56 -0000, "Grumps"

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Check the SATA connectors at both ends, as they are a weak
link in SATA design.

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Check your bios audio settings.  Had you loaded the defaults
after the bios upgrade (might try that too if not)?

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This might be more of a software issue for the time being,
ie- to determine exactly why CW does this, what
circumstances cause it.  I can't help there but there's
probably a CW (or at least general audio) newsgroup(s) that
might help, then when you know why it does it you have more
to go on?

Re: BIOS upgrade problem?

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I've changed the SATA cable.

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Yes. defaults loaded every time I flashed the BIOS.

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Yes. There is a CW newsgroup, and there are several posts about WinXP
incompatibility with this software. It's just funny that it used to work,
and now it doesn't. Oh, and XP isn't a supported OS with this CW product -
which just makes getting support impossible.

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