BIOS Password on Intel

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I have a PC with an Intel 945P Intel Motherboard.  Want to set up
power on password so I can lock youngster out.  The BIOS has an Admin
and User password.  If I set both, the BIOS screen automatically opens
after entering the admin password at the first password prompt.
Assume i need user also, b/c without the admin the user can go into
the BIOS and remove his passowd.

Is it possible to set it up so a password has to be entered whenever
the machine is powered up and the machine skips opening the BIOS
config unless you het the req'd key?



Re: BIOS Password on Intel

Why not just use the Windows XP \ Vista password setting, its easier
to manage and use. From your account, go to user accounts and set a

If you really want to use BIOS based, the Admin password is to change
BIOS settings, the user password is usually the one that needs
entering each time the PC boots. They need to be different. So set two
different ones, and in theory if you have selected "password required
on boot" or something similar, you will have what you want. Some
boards only provide for BIOS settings password, where the user
password allows viewing, but not changing, settings.

In todays age, BIOS based system passwords are rare as they are
impossible for lazy network administrators to manage, although they
are more secure than software based ones.

Re: BIOS Password on Intel

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Yea I like s/w too, but child needs admin access for the work he
does.  He's not likely to mess with resetting the BIOS jumper so I
wanted this method..


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