Bing Versus Google

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I just registered this forum while surfing and Iím curious about what
you think
about Bing.
According to some news it already started to overtake Yahoo. But it
seems to me
they canít beat Google. I think more creative ideas and
some vision is needed to
overtake Google.

Besides of that thereís adsense and adword industry. Google is creative
established firm, Bing brings nothing new to us.

If Google creates linux based operating system, maybe they can overtake


Re: Bing Versus Google

"OKahra" wrote:
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Hate to break it to 'ya, son, but this isn't a forum.  This is usenet.


Re: Bing Versus Google

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As Jon has already pointed out, this isn't a forum its a usenet newsgroup -
alt.comp.hardware. You have probably registered with a website when you
could be using your own newsgroup reader instead.

This is OT for alt.comp.hardware. You might try
or perhaps alt.www.webmaster.

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Personally, I think that Bing is the best search engine from Microsoft to
date but google remains my search engine of choice.

Brian Cryer

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