binary division

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hello everyone.
im new at programming and ive been given a project to create a cpu using
SystemC hardware description language. ive heard alot about Verilog HDL
,but systemC is so difficult to find anywhere.
i need somebody to help me write a program in SystemC for binary division.
ive got the layout for the algorithm but not the program itself. sinc it
has 3 files, main.cpp, - .cpp,- .h, i would appreciat it a lot if anyone
can help me in writing the different files, so i can use it as reference
to crate a cpu. please help.

Re: binary division

In article

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Go here:

and search for "systemC". Perhaps you'll find some
sample files.

For example, there is an implementation of DES here: /


Re: binary division

ayviht wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

When did your instructor say it was due?

Re: binary division

its due on end of december. but the texts here are in japanese and its a
little difficult to understand them. what do u suggest I do?


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