best system analysis and diagnosis software?

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Here=92s what I=92ve tried:

Sisoftware Sandra
Berlac advisor
other suggestions?

I liked sandra=92s tips in it=92s reports but SIW=92s information was as
good or better than Sandra and the others. SIW seems to be the best
also due to it=92s additional features.

here=92s a simple problem:
I attach a usb flash drive and it is automatically assigned the same
drive letter as a mapped network drive. The mapped network drive will
display in explorer but not the usb storage device.
easy fix: assign the usb stick a new drive letter in computer
management/disk management.

none of the above apps will detect a problem such as this and I=92m
looking for software that diagnose software, hardware, and windows
problems etc. and give suggestions or fixes.

So I guess there are 2 questions:
1.    which is best of the above apps or similar apps?
2.    what software can diagnose what I need it to? PC fixer was okay but
not good enough. I=92d prefer freeware, shareware, or nagware (anything
but trial ware).

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