Best soundcard for recording stereo music?

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What would be the best PCI soundcard for recording stereo music? At this
moment I'm using the linein on my mobo, but I'm looking for something with a
better signal-to-noise ratio.

I don't need MIDI, surround, a remote control or any other fancy stuff. I
only want the recorded stereo music to be as crystal clear as possible.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Best soundcard for recording stereo music?


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Believe it or not the EMU 0404 is often cited as cheap great card. It
does  have Midi though but Im not sure you can get a cheaper card with
better specs though someone may know of one.

Ill mention this place AMerican Musical Supply because
they really gave me a great deal and great service when I bought a
1212m EMU from them last month. Thats the bigger brother to the EMU

HEres a place Ive never heard of.  Try to price match this to American
Musical Supply though they might refuse on the grounds theres no free
shipping or something but its worth a try. $74

Do a search since Ive often seen it as low as $79 but factor in
shipping. Maybe the higher place has free shipping and the lower does


The BAD --- sometimes this card conflicts with something on the PC or
the patchmix software. Soime people have zero problems a few have lots
of problems.  You might want to buy it from a place you can return it
easily like AMS, Amazon etc.

Re: Best soundcard for recording stereo music?

The Soundblaster X-Fi soundcards are the highest fidelity, highest signal to
noise ratio soujndcards on the market.  I love mine.


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