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oh i for got to say it my computer has 1024mbram but still seems slow
could there be another reason for such slow response

Re: best performance

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A natural question on our part would be, what operation exactly
is slow ? And slow compared to what benchmark ? Like your old
system was faster than this one ?

You really have to give an inventory of what hardware is in
the computer, with enough info that if we had to lookup up
the characteristics of any piece of the hardware, your info
would be enough to go on. For example:

Asus P4P800 Deluxe Motherboard
P4 2.8GHz/FSB800/512KB cache processor (Northwood)
2x512MB Samsung PC3200 3-3-3-8 RAM in dual channel slots
ATI 7000VE video card running AGP 2X
ST506 10MB disk drive

and so on. Also, knowing the operating system and the
service pack wouldn't hurt, like Win2K SP4.

Some people put those evil AV programs on their computers,
and that can be a reason for a slowdown. There are also
the odd motherboard chipsets, where there is an unexplained
5 second delay between double clicking, and when the disk
starts to access. If you can describe the time relationship
of things that look  out of the ordinary, that will help
someone diagnose your problem as well.

Remember that we cannot see your system from where we're
sitting, and the crystal ball is pretty fuzzy here...

If you have run benchmarks and have some numbers, that
doesn't hurt either.


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