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don't know if this is the right group to ask this question in, but i'll

I'm looking for the best laptop deal. I want something fast, with
out, 1 gb eam, max size HD (min 80 gb), and good reliability. I want
thing to last me a while. I am not looking for something with a fancy
graphics card, as i don't play games. I use the internet, photoshop,
various other things, but seriously i think photoshop is the most
ressource-hungry application i will be using. I don't care if the thing
not feather weight. I also want csome sort of SCSI connectivity (PCMCIA
card?). I've never owned a laptop, and don't really know how to choose
But really my main selection criteria is reliability, and a good,
sharp, and
big (15") screen.

My friend just got a Dell Inspiron 6400, and it's got a nice wow-factor
to the sharpness of the screen. I had almost settled on getting the
thing (with some upgrades), but read a bunch of bad reviews concerning
MOBO's reliability. A lot of people seem to complain about overheating
the machine, and some people correlate the overheating problem to the
motherboard failures.

Any thoughts?
any recommendations?


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Why ?

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One less than obvious extra is built in wireless, so you get the
antennas in the lid. That works much better than anything else,
not directional at all. Should be a given with this level of laptop tho.

The other thing is time on battery if you plan to use it like that much.

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And hard drive failures too. Always been a problem with some Dells.

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I use the bottom end of the market myself, because my laptop
needs are rather unusual and the bottom end is all I need.

I wont touch anything that doesnt have full online maintenance manuals either.

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Going with a PCMCIA scsi card is going to set you back a bit.

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