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Having just started working from home (CAD draughting) the first day we had
2 power cuts (outs) in 24 hours.

A UPS was therefore moved up the most wanted list, to the top.

I set a budget of 100 +/- 10% and a search for the various makes came up
with the Belkin F6C800uk Universal. In fact it was the only make I could
find that accepts normal 3 pin plugs and not the kettle variety. Who needs
the additional hassle and cost of changing cables when we already have them.

A quick trip south to Novatech for the last one in stock and now its fully
installed and tested and I must say a very nice piece of equipment. The
supplied Bulldog software controls the settings via a USB cable.

I can't wait for the first power cut..............yes I know I have switched
it off at the wall and it worked a treat.


Re: Belkin UPS

Belkins are cheap, but you cannot change the battery. That makes their
lifespan about 3 months to 3 years if you're lucky. Mine died after the
first power outage, only 3 months after I bought it. There's no fixing it,
so I threw it away. So I went with an APC 1000. So far so good. The battery
is very easy to get to and replace. It's also very high quality designed.
Outlets and connections are smooth.


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Re: Belkin UPS

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This model was more expensive than the APC eqiv and appears well made to me
(mechanical engineer)

The warranty is for 3 years, if the battery goes TU in 3 months then I shall
be using it.

The manual states the battery is lead acid and the Bulldog software says New
Battery required in 3 years.............

also taken from the Belkin web
"Belkin offers the first true battery replacement service program - called
the EcoBattery Replacement Program. This program offers a battery
replacement and full service checkup on your UPS to ensure it is working
properly in protecting your connected devices. It also ensures that the
battery in the UPS is discarded in an environmentally friendly manner. All
participants also receive a two-year extended product warranty. Batteries
can also be purchased outside of this program - call a Belkin representative
for details".

all seems fairly clear to me

Outlets and connections are smooth????????????????


Re: Belkin UPS

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further to

Re: Belkin UPS

Max wrote:
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My Belkin  F6H375-USB has a replaceable 4 A-H battery:

Its electronics are made by Delta and don't seem to be as substantial
as my APC/Conext 300-350 VA back up supplies.

Re: Belkin UPS

On 11 Jun 2005 01:22:03 -0700, "larry moe 'n curly"

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For those in the market for a reliable, inexpensive UPS, I got the
Tripp Lite "Internet750U" 750 VA UPS at Directron for $62.

It has a replacable battery and comes with a USB connection and power
management software (do not use the Windows power manager).

I tested it by interrupting the power at the circuit breaker (do not
unplug the UPS to test) and I got 15 minutes uptime with no measurable
battery drain before I stopped. I had the computer, 20" CRT, cable
modem and router connected to the battery.

During a recent storm, when the utility power had lots of glitches on
it, the UPS tripped twice to battery power for a couple seconds and
then went back to utility power. However those undervoltage glitches
did not reboot any of the other computers on utility power alone.

The manual has errors about the various test modes, so call tech
support and have them walk you thru the test suite.


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