Belkin Remote IP Console F1DE101G Reset?

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I just got one of these Belkin Remote IP Consoles.
Model: F1DE101G

Default IP didn't work...
I hit the reset on back, still nothing.

Hooking up to the serial port, using hyper terminal, I got a login
screen, and it said to use "config"
so I did.. I got the IP configured on the unit.
I can ping it, and I can bring up the login page.

But default login administrator and default password: belkin doesn't

On hyperterminal, I discovered the key command reset.. and it asked me
to type yes.. and I did, but still the logins don't work.

I called Belkin, and they say I have to return the unit, and they will
send me another one.

I'm wondering.. what is the secret to reset a password.

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