Belkin KVM Switch Issues

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I just purchased a Belkin KVM switch in order to switch between two
computers at my workplace.

One computer is a very, very old Gateway (over 8yrs old) that runs
Microsoft Server 2000. There is a program installed on that computer
that my manager refuses to lose access to, which is why that computer
isn't out in the trash by now. (We don't have the install CD for the
program any more, and I can't find them for purchase.) Basically,
getting rid of that computer is not an option, but our company
software won't run on it, so that's why I needed to buy the new

The other computer is a brand-new Dell.

I purchased a PS2 Belkin KVM switch even though the Dell only has USB
ports, as I intended to use PS2-to-USB adaptors to plug the cables
into the Dell.

When I try to use the switch, the old Gateway functions just fine.
When I switch to the new Dell and try to boot it up, it gives me a
keyboard error, and the keyboard won't work.

Does anyone have any ideas about what I might try to get the switch

Re: Belkin KVM Switch Issues

On 5 Jun, 20:27, wrote:
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well, it's blatantly obvious what you can try.
Try booting the gateway up alone.
Try booting the Dell up alone.
Connect them to the same port so it is a fair test.

Is it still the case that one boots and one doesn't?

Now less obvious..

I would now ask what is the difference between the Dell and Gateway,
in relation to the KVM.
I would consider 5V SB, and PSU. And your USB-Ps2 adaptor.

If it is safe to change the power supply of a or the Dell, for another
PSU that works with the KVM e.g. the one from the gateway, then do so.

Is 5VSB coming out of one and not the other.   5VSB can confuse KVMs.

5VSB is the voltage that comes out the machine when it's off. Some
machines are set to do this.

It can be on ps2 and/or usb.

Not sure a good way to test this. It's easy to test with a ps2
keyboard in a ps2 port.  The lights of a ps2 keyboard flash
immediately when it is plugged in.  I can't remember how to test for
You do it when the computer's off. See if you get a light from the
equipment. Some equipment lights up as soon as it is plugged in.
Maybe the bottom of an optical mouse.. Or a USB torch if you have one.
I have tested with a multimeter before too.

Is the USB-Ps2 adaptor working. Try using the Dell with it, without
the KVM switch.
(It is a small one, right? The big ones can need drivers, and would
prob not be right for this)

I don't know if it makes a difference, but where have you put this
adaptor. Have you put it in the dell machine, or in the KVM switch ?
(it would depend of course on the gender of it.. I would guess you put
it in the Dell. So a female ps2 sticks out the dell. (for you to plug
the ps2 cable in) Those are probably more common).
If you put it in the KVM switch, It could be that the ps2-usb adaptor
and KVM switch are picky and not working nicely.. You could test it by
using your Working Gateway machine with the adaptor.
Try using the adaptor with the Gateway. See if it works with it.  If
it doesn' t have a USB port, then you could use a ps2-USB adaptor in
the gateway. To get a female USB thing sticking out of it. Then you
could do it.

Re: Belkin KVM Switch Issues

On Thu, 5 Jun 2008 12:27:19 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

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What does "our company software won't run on it", mean

Does it run NT, Win98, (surely not WinME?) or Win2k?  Is the
problem that the old OS won't run the software (or so you
believe) or that the old spec of the system is too slow or
undercapacity to do the job?

I ask because it is not only possible, but likely the
existing installation can be migrated to a newer system,
naturally that would include the critical software.
However, I would question the wisdom of relying on a
software for your business that you can't even reinstall, it
seems like a bad risk that needs resolved before anything
else  happens, NOW while you have a chance to migrate and
test a few options rather than later when there is a halt to
operations because the old system gave up and died all of a

Basically I feel these two issues need addessed, that your
goal of using the KVM is not going to be a viable solution.

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What kind of adapter is this you are using?  It's not
necessarily true that you can adapt this.  How about a USB
KVM (AFAIK all Gateways from even 12+ years ago had USB (ver
1 at the time) instead, or putting a PCI or PCIe PS2 card in
the Dell?

At what point does it give you a keyboard error?  Before
starting to boot the OS, during boot, or when practically

I suspect the adapter just isn't compatible, you might try
another adapter, though I don't know if it'll then work.

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Connect the PS2 keyboard from the Gateway directly to the
adapter and see if the Dell can use that.  If not, it seems
to rule out using the PS2 KVM like that.

I still suggest you do what is necessary to move away from
depending on the old system with no way to recover from the
inevitable loss of it... it WILL be replaced eventually, the
only question is when and whether you are ready for it or
are scrambling to recover from that.

Re: Belkin KVM Switch Issues

On 5 Jun, 20:27, wrote:
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Are you trying to say that you want to plug a ps2 keyboard into a USB
port on your computer?
Or rather..
You are trying to pliug a ps2 keyboard into a device(KVM) where it
comes out still as ps2..  Then adapt that connector to USB.

(that's the same thing. ps2 to usb)

That won't work with the small adaptors. And don't use a big adaptor.
You want a small one.. But

ps2 keyboards don't support USB.
USB keyboards do support ps2 or USB.

So here is what you do.
This is your KVM..

    x x x x Y

where x x x x are where computers can connect
and Y is where the keyboard video and mouse connecto.

The place where you plug the keyboard in. i.e. At Y.  You should use a
USB Keyboard instead of a ps2 keyboard.
Then use a USB-PS2 adaptor at Y.

Now that input signal will be compatible with usb and ps2.
IT will come out the KVM at the x points.

You can then use a ps2 to usb adaptor. at X.

You are foolish for not trying the adaptor on the other computer. You
would have helped yourself to narrow down more where the same problem
is. That it is not with your computers. Nevertheless, the problem is
as described.. I have seen it myself.

Once can demonstrate the problem you face completely, by removing the
KVM switch completely.  It is no doubt a classic problem.  I ran into
it myself..

Take a Ps2 keyboard.  Plug it into a USB adaptor and into a computer.
Now if you had done any troubleshooting, you'd have noticed that.

Now here is the interesting one.
Take a USB keyboard, plug it into a usb-ps2 adaptor(that works), then
plug that into a ps2-usb adaptor.   That will still work.
So that proves that the ps2-usb adaptors do work.

The issue is as mentioned.. You need to use a USB keyboard in order to

If you had done basic troubleshooting, just trying the ps2-usb adaptor
on both computers, with no kvm there. Then you might have presumed
that these ps2-usb adaptors don't work. But a google of usenet might
have picked up the handful of times the issue described has been
written about.

So yes, you can get this to work. Use a USB keyboard at point Y.

You are using a ps2 keyboard at point Y. That is your mistake.

It's a bit easier than described, since I don't need to say point
Y..    There is only one place on the KVM you plug a keyboard.   Just
like there is only one place you plug a "video" and mouse.

NOW-Re: KVM Switch Issue (not quite) WAS- Belking Kvm Wwitch Issues.

On 6 Jun, 12:28, ""

Your subject suggested that it was because it was Belkin..

So I amended it.

You would have seen this issue with any KVM.. It's not even a KVM

But people seeing the thread's subject, would think this was
specifically a Belkin KVM switch issue.

BTW, I have heard bad things about Belkin KVMs. Did you look at
reviews e.g. on newegg before getting it?

Your troubleshooting is dire.. That was your main mistake...

Re: Belkin KVM Switch Issues

On 6 Jun, 12:28, ""
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note- in the past, some have disagreed with my statement about USB
keyboards supporting both.

nevertheless, it has been my experience that any usb keyboard I have
ever had, however cheap, has supported both.

so maybe it's possible to get unlucky.. But even the person that last
said "not necessarily", i.e. said that some only support USB, He could
not name or even recall a usb keyboard that did not support ps2.

you can find out easily enough.. Do the test without the KVM switch.

You will need to buy a usb-ps2 adaptor, not just a ps2-usb adaptor.
and good luck there 'cos some are faulty!

Now,. the following is far from firm..
And on a very different note

as a rule of thumb that applied in my life regarding this problem! If
you see slightly bigger cheap green ones on ebay, avoid them, they are
faulty.  They worked in one machine but not another.  I Got little red
ones, they worked.  I would get smaller ones of any colour.. Just not
specifically those big green bastards.

I am still talking about the same type of adaptor.. What one would
call the little ones. Just some are made in one factory, oter in a
different ones.
it's bigger and green.
These big green bastards are all over the place
I recognise it..
They all must be from the same company.

This is a different design , prob made by somewhere else, it may work

these ones worked nicely

Just don't buy a pack.
'cos I bought a pack incase one was faulty(that way I could
troubleshoot better).. it turned out they were all as bad as each
other.  That was from ebay.

And in the pack of slightly differently designed ones. the slightly
smaller ones.. They all worked. They weren't quite as cheap though.
If one works, then buy a pack of identical ones.

Re: Belkin KVM Switch Issues

On 6 Jun, 12:58, ""
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I will add.. just to be clear..

your problem is not one of faulty adaptors.
it's, as mentioned. That you should use a USB keyboard.

the point about the faulty adaptors, was just a pre-emptive tip. Since
you'll be getting another adaptor. Because to get this to work
you need 2 adaptors.
a USB-PS2 adaptor at point Y, and a PS2-USB adaptor at point X.

USB-PS2 adaptor will be   FEMALE USB on one end, and male ps2 on the
other end.  (you may actually want a USB gender changer to help
achieve that connector conversion).
It's for plugging your USB keyboard into, so the end if it becomes
like a Ps2 connector. And can plug into your KVM switch.

The other adaptor, you have already. You either plugged it into X on
your KVM.Or  into your Dell. P presume into your Dell. Unless it was
an unusual adaptor.

BTW, your style in first post was a bit confusing, by referring to
your "old gateway". When as you said, it's fine. So who cares that
it's old.. As you said, the Dell has the problem.  You could have
called it the problematic Dell with only USB ports.    Otherwise one
refers back in your post and sees "old gateway".. I don't have a short
term memory for that, to remember all about willard and billard.. I
only really noticed more about the problem you had, when kony
addressed a particular paragraph in his reply to you, so , in my
second post.  Nevertheless, everything I wrote is correct to my
knowledge(apart from a typo), and applies.

Re: Belkin KVM Switch Issues

On Fri, 6 Jun 2008 04:58:11 -0700 (PDT),

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Several Gateway and Dell USB don't.

Probably some of the other cheapie generics too.

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