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Is it necessary to take the laptop's battery off the computer when
traveling?  I always didn't.   But last time at the airport waiting
for my flight, I suddenly realized that surface of the case was rather
warm.  Opening the case, I found the machine was not turned off.  So I
thought that it might be better to take the battery off when
traveling.  But I have no idea whether or not the computer will get
damaged without the battery in position.

Thanks for information.
Fulio Pen

Re: battery: when traveling with laptop

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 20:33:33 -0800 (PST), Fulio Open

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I suspect most people don't take their battery out, and
since the system should shut off when it gets low the worst
problem is overheating sealed in a bag (besides having to
recharge it later).

If you find yours accidentally being turned on then it may
be better to remove the battery, it won't hurt anything to
leave it out of the laptop.

Re: battery: when traveling with laptop

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I think there are several ways you could address this:

If you are planning to go to the trouble of opening the carry bag and
deliberately remove the battery, then why not just take that time to double
check that it is turned off instead and leave the battery in place. That
means you don't have a battery free to rattle around in your bag and
potentially bang and damage things.

To automate the shutdown process and cut out the human error, you could
change your power settings (Control Panel) so that the computer hibernates
after a set period (10-20 minutes maybe) of innactivity. Or you could set it
to hibernate when the lid is closed. I would avoid a standby state as power
will still flow in this state and heat will still be (slowly) generated
leading to the problem Kony mentioned.

Obviously your third choice is to actually remove the battery, but that
seems a little over the top if you ask me. I think I would remove the
battery if the laptop is going in an unpressurised hold in an plane as the
temperature will drop and cause condensation when the laptop warms up again
and could potentially touch the battery terminals, but otherwise, I would
just leave the battery in and make sure it is turned off - either manually,
or through some other means.

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