battery for dell laptop

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The battery in my Dell laptop is dead, finished,
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best, Aaron in N. Hollywood

Re: battery for dell laptop wrote:

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BTW: The "> " attached to each line in my posting, is put
there by my newsreader, when I select the "Reply" option.
The sender is not supposed to put that there. The sender
just writes text as normal, the person replying attaches
"quotation characters" to distinguish the quoted text
from new, original text. So, if you typed all those "> "
yourself, that is the responding person's job. My
newsreader adds the quotation characters automatically,
so in fact, nobody has to type them.

Regarding your battery question, the "mAh" rating doesn't
bother me. But the voltage rating tells you the battery
technology. I would want to match the voltage specs, as it
implies the same kind of batteries. Some battery types
are NiCad, NiMH, and Lithium Ion. Make sure the battery pack
you buy, is something that the laptop can recharge properly.
Check the user manual, to see if it makes any mention of
voltages or battery pack types.

The charging methods for these various batteries, are not
exactly the same. Lithium Ion has the most protection devices
used on it, as there are safety issues if the cells are abused
or incorrectly charged or discharged.


Re: battery for dell laptop

On 18 Mar 2006 14:46:46 -0800, wrote:

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Make sure it is specified as a replacement for your model,
presumably so or it wouldn't even fit in the laptop.

14.4V is not an issue, that is fine.  As Paul mentioned
there is the consideration of the battery chemistry, but if
they were using Li-Ion they couldn't get a NiMH pack into
the same available space with a higher current rating.

Thus, whether the current rating is accurate is important.
Battery technology has improved slightly, it is not unusual
to buy the replacement battery pack and have it be spec'd
for higher mAh than it would have been a few years ago.
There may even be vendors selling two packs that would work
but one uses newer or higher quality cells so it has a
higher mAh rating.  However, generic batteries may have
questionable means or accuracy in their reported mAh figures
so whether the real-life use of the cells results in a
better (or same) true capacity can vary.  It might be
worthwhile to ask the seller what cells are inside.  Sanyos
are very common in NiMH packs,  and desirable.  They are
usually not labeled as Sanyo though, rather have a near
turquoise, green sleeve on them.  I don't think they can or
did patent the color though, a generic could have it too.

Re: battery for dell laptop wrote:
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I use _Batteries Plus_ for all my battery needs.  I like their return
and their prices.

Re: battery for dell laptop

On Sat, 18 Mar 2006 14:46:46 -0800, aaronep wrote:

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When I needed a battery for my Dell I went to eBay. Bought a brand new one
for way less than Dell or Batteries Plus.


Re: battery for dell laptop

On Tue, 03 Oct 2006 21:03:38 -0600, SteveSch

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Be careful, you may be greating increasing the chances it'll
explode if not a quality pack.

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