basic queries about overclocking

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I am running a Duron Applebred 1800 in a Via 266 mobo by Syntax
with 768 KB of 133 SD-RAM.  CPU temp under load = 44 degrees C.  
Phoenix BIOS.

My crappy mobo doesn't permit very many setting. (EG can't set cpu


Can I check with you guys about some basic stuff:

If I slightly increase the cpu voltage from the 1.52 V at present
(nominal voltage for my Duron 1800 is 1.50 V) then will that help
increase cpu stabilty?  I can increase by only 25 mV, 50 mV or 75
mV.  I figured that 75 mV feels safe - QUESTION ONE: is this

In the past with a slower processor, I increased the "CPU Host
Clock" (which sounds to me like the FSB) from a starting value of
100 to 104 (an extra 4 %) or a slightly unstable 106.  I think
memory was the limiting factor for stability this time.

I have currently got all the memory settings at what I believe is
their most aggressive:
     SDRAM cycle length = 2,
     Trp = 2T,
     Tras = 5T,
     Trcd = 3T.

QUESTION TWO:  Should I be able to increase the FSB to about the
same value as before because, presumably, the faster new processor
(Duron 1800 versus old Duro 700) should have no effect on the FSB

QUESTION THREE: Would I be able to increase the FSB bus more if I
made the above memory settings less aggressive?  This would seem
to be the only way to increase the CPU speed.

Finally, is "Vcore 2" (reported by Motherboard Monitor 5)
essentially only used by the CPU for I/O operations?

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