BAD Monarch Computer Experience?

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Has anyone out there had to dispute a charge with Monarch Computer due
to bad service or defective merchandise?  If so, please let me know.  I
want to hear some experiences.

Either post here or email me at mistermeatball(at)fastmail(dot)fm


Re: BAD Monarch Computer Experience?

On Fri, 05 Aug 2005 14:28:36 -0700, Meatball wrote:

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Are you saying that you had a problem?. I just got a A64 X2 system from
them, they did a good job of putting it together. It did take an
excessively long time for them to deliver it but I chalk that up to the
fact that the A64 4400+ is brand new and I ordered the system on the day
that they said they would be getting them in. However they did do a good
job of keeping me informed by e-mail and they let me know exactly when the
system was going to be built.

Re: BAD Monarch Computer Experience?

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I've always had good service from Monarch.  However, if you want to put
the "heat" on them tell them you will write a bad review on if they don't want to cooperate.  This usually gets
their attention.

BTW, if you have or had a bad experience with Monarch please list out
the details of the experience. I'm taking Monarch's side until I hear
all the details.

On a side didn't change your From: line either, so expect a
lot of spam coming you way! (Always change your from: line to an
invalid address).


Re: BAD Monarch Computer Experience?

I'd like some feedback on Monarch myself,been considering getting a system
from them myself.But frankly,the reviews at Reseller Ratings and Monarch's
own forum trouble me.I've never put much store in promised delivery dates,I
realize that getting the latest parts,like the 4400 X2 cpu and 7800 GTX vid
card I want for my system,can delay a build.What concerns me is the
increasing number of complaints I'm seeing of systems that don't work on
delivery.I don't mind waiting for a system,but for over $2000.00,I expect it
to be properly tested and 100% functional when it arrives.I'm concerned that
maybe Monarch has gotten too big too fast,and like Alienware,their product
quality has suffered.
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