Bad memory?

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Bought a new 1GB kit of Crucial PC3200(CT6464Z40B-8tdyne). Was having a
bitch of a time installing Windows 2K. I ran memtest 1.7 but I don't know
what the readings mean.I see a lot of red during testing.
How do I know if it's bad ram or just incompatible with this new
mobo(Winfast NF4UK8AA)NF4 Ultra.

Re: Bad memory?

dontlook wrote:
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What is the memory configuration ? Are you mixing some older memory
with the new stuff ?

Your above statement implies you have 2x512MB and the DIMMs are
single sided (8 chips all located on one side of the DIMM). Are
the DIMMs installed in dual channel mode, in the same color slots ?

Are you using default or "Auto" type settings for the memory ?
Or are you applying some overclock conditions that you might
have been using with the old memory ?

When I look in the Foxconn manual, I don't see an option for
setting the memory voltage (Vdimm).

Memtest will generally report errors in the middle of the screen.
If you have hundreds of thousands of errors per pass, then
something is seriously misadjusted. If there were only a couple
errors, you could fix it with a Vdimm tweak, but the manual
doesn't show such an adjustment available for your board.

What happens when you use only one stick ? Does it work better ?
Now remove the single stick, and try the other stick. How
does it compare ?


Re: Bad memory?

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Well. Bad ram is really pretty likely. Especially if it was zapped
during handling (perhaps not by you, but static damage is #1 cause of
RAM failure). Other possibilities can be a bad or overheating
processor, or a bad motherboard, or a bad or dirty ram slot.

Try testing the sticks individually.

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