Bad hard drive

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The mother board failed in a 2 year old Emachine computer , there were some
important files on the drive, I put the drive into another computer as
slave, but Windows can't see it, it is recognised in Bios but remains hidden
in two other machines that I tried it in,  Is there any way to recover these
two folders? All machines are running XP home, Thanks for any help

Re: Bad hard drive

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How does it show in Disk Management ?

If it shows as unpartitioned space, the partition table has got
damaged and you need to use recovery software to get the files.

If it shows as partitioned and viable in DM, you need to take ownership
of the drive, or use the knoppix CD to copy the data off it.

Re: Bad hard drive

It's shown as healthy unknown partion, I borrowed a Knoppnix cd started it
but I know nothing about using it copy files off the drive.

Re: Bad hard drive

problem solved. Thanks

Re: Bad hard drive

lindy wrote:
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What it "it".  This makes absolutely no sense.  It appears to be a
response to something, but you didn't quote anything.  Usenet
articles should stand by themselves, as there is no reason to
assume your reader can access any other articles in the thread.

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