back to 800*600 when restarting the computer

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Hi all,

I've installed a Mystic MX440 (Geforce 4) on a computer with the latest
NVidia drivers (93.71) on a XP pro machine.

I set the resolution to 1280 * 1024 without problem in 60,70 and 75 mhz.

The problem is that when I shut down the computer and once I start it again,
the resolution is back to 800*600

I'm getting tired to change resolution every morning. It's there any
solution ? the registration on the NVidia forum board doesn't work and I
can't get any result in google. I've already tried to re-install the driver
but it doesn't fix the problem. This card worked fine on a pIII machine.

Thanks for help.


Re: back to 800*600 when restarting the computer

Bob Bedford wrote:
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Maybe you are missing the AGP driver ? It comes with chipset drivers. The
normal install order, would be to install WinXP, and if the motherboard is
newer than WinXP, install chipset drivers (which gives you an AGP driver
so the AGP bus is recognized as AGP and not PCI), then install the
Nvidia Detonator/Forceware video card driver, and somewhere along the way,
a version of DirectX recent enough to keep the video card driver happy.
Some video card drivers will tell you which minimum DirectX they'll run

Nvidia has a driver archive (staged on their FTP site), and you can
roll back to older drivers if you want. On the machine I'm typing on,
I use a 40.xx series driver, because the machine is so old (still uses
Win98SE and machine is too slow to justify spending another dollar on it).
Sometimes the very most recent drivers, have problems with older cards,
so it may take several stabs at it, with different Nvidia drivers, until
everything works satisfactory. But in your case, I'd verify that
the AGP driver is in place (you can look in Device Manager for
that too if you want).

It is possible to run an AGP slot in PCI mode. With an Intel motherboard,
you can get INFINST in ZIP format, and there will be two options for the
AGP slot. An AGP bus bridge driver, or a PCI bus bridge driver. It could
be that at the present time, your motherboard is in PCI mode, if it happens
to lack the driver. Once the AGP chipset driver is in place, it should be
in AGP mode. AGP bus protocol is a superset of PCI bus protocol (i.e.
has more transfer modes than PCI).

If the chipset angle doesn't correct things, back off on the driver

And if you forgot, somewhere along the way, to remove the previous video
card's driver, before installing the new one - you'll have a mess on
your hands. The proper way to do it, is

1) Uninstall old video card driver (from add/remove)
2) Shut down, unplug, install new video card.
3) Boot and install new video card.
4) (Do this, even if old and new card are both Nvidia.)

Failure to do it in that order, leaves the registry in a mess, and leaves
all sorts of crap running on the machine. I could not get proper video card
operation on one of my machines, after forgetting step 1. I actually had to
reinstall, because I could not figure out what was borked, despite days
of fiddling.


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