Aye-suss or A-soos

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How do you pronounce Asus? I called them in an attempt to settle
dispute, and they hung up on me.

Re: Aye-suss or A-soos

Grinder wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


    "pronounced ah-soo-ss"

In the following corporate movie, set the cursor to near
the end of the movie, and the voice-over guy will pronounce
it for you. It is right at the end of the movie.

http://event.asus.com/2006/video/crop_e.wmv (6.5MB)

By the way, great production values in the movie.
You'd hardly know is was the same company. Where are the
hundreds of people testing the motherboards ?


Re: Aye-suss or A-soos

Somewhere on teh intarweb "Paul" typed:
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I think I'm one of them, having just finished troubleshooting a friend's M3A
build <shudder> and having recently built machines around P5PE-VM, P5K-E
WiFi-AP and P5K Premium WiFi-AP boards.

How they expect anyone with average PC building skills to get a system
running based on that M3A OOTB is beyond me.

The rest of the boards have been just fine though, minor niggles but you get
that with most every mobo manufacturer's products.


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