Awful Problem With ADT/Tyco

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Here is the question.
Do surveillance DVR's have a way (by remote etc.) of
adjusting the cameras (focus etc.) from the box, and
specifically this one i have: Tyco/ADT S- SDR401E?

Long Story.
Months now: here in Erie, Pa, theyhavenot had the training
class for the surveillance system, but keep sending workers
out to "fix" it. The workers all admit theyhave had no
training, nor the free training class Tyco provides, but one
said, because he was so long with the ADT Co, he could
"fix" anything (hewas a nice, very elderly gentleman, and
a liar); no way, he knew nothing and could do nothing, and
lied that only one camera was "out of focus" - all three are
the same (blurry (Absolutely no detail close up nor
distance) and nearly non-existent at night. Itisnot the
cameras. Itis the box. I wonder if they just want those
cameras: Matrex Model #A-S35CPS36 (one camera is
different), and want to replace them with something
inferior. The workers say there is no adjustment on the
cameras, and they want to replace them with adjustable
cameras. Yes, by now, because of my vulnerability (very
elderly), conditions where i live, plus the major theft that
the fourth camera couldhave avoided, iam becoming
paranoid and frightened . . . of ADT.

What little bit of viewing i had, the ADT worker destroyed
by knocking the camera out of view of the barn, mailbox
and front door. At least i had movement of those areas,
just movement of what though, now i donot even have
that, because of his not putting the camera back where
it belongs. This just shows the deliberate abuse of a
Senior Citizen. I have to climb a ladder to re-position
it. I could fall and at my age such a fall could kill me
and ADT knows that. How many other elderly does
ADT do this to?

If iam asking this question in the wrong group, please tell
me where i can find a group that does answer such

Iamnot going into what ADT has been doing to me,
however theyare no help at all, as a matter of fact i feel
theyare subjecting me to elder abuse, not only that i
suspected they wouldnot install the other camera that was
to watch my year's supply of fire wood, because three
piles, so far, have been stolen. My husband worked for
ADT, and believe me when i say i know what goes on
within ADT.


Thank you.


Re: Awful Problem With ADT/Tyco

Harry wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The S35CPS36 is shown here, as a small diameter CCD color camera. I don't
see any sign of a focus ring, so the thing must be fixed focus. Perhaps
the focus is set before the unit is put in its housing ? The device does not
have pan/tilt/zoom, so you cannot move the camera remotely or zoom in to
get details. Good quality pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras in an external
housing could cost $1000 to $2000. And it is very hard to tell the
difference, between good ones and bad ones, because the specifications
aren't to be trusted.

You can look at more of the ADT product line here:

I would guess that the surveillance business is profitable for the
people who work in the business. They never seem to sell the same
equipment, so it is hard to compare features and prices between two
companies, to get a good deal.

Pan/tilt/zoom is a desirable feature for a camera that has to cover a large
area. Fixed cameras are good for covering your front door, or maybe a window.
But for large open areas, you need something a bit better.

This page shows some control panels for PTZ cameras. The joystick provides
an intuitive means of moving the camera. And one keyboard can control more
than one camera.

Example of an expensive PTZ camera.

About all I can suggest, is ask to see a demo system, before doing business
with any other shady security companies. If someone is selling you a PTZ
camera, try out the controls. Use the joystick and see how fast the camera
responds. Ask to see the camera working in reduced lighting, because many
cameras are not very good in low light (the specs may say they are sensitive,
but if you actually provided the amount of light specified, you'd see next to
nothing on the monitor). All cameras need light to work, but some need a lot
more than others.

And if you do decide to do business, verify that the equipment delivered and
installed, is what you ordered and paid for. There is a big difference in
price between cheap and good stuff, so there will be a temptation to cheap
on the part of the installer.

It is possible to add an infrared light outside the home, to illuminate the
scene at night. The purpose of using infrared light, is so that someone will not
suspect they are being watched. You can also achieve good results by having
lighting outside, because in a rural setting, if they think you are not home,
strong lighting would not be a deterrent. So you can choose to illuminate with
light that is invisible to the naked eye, or use ordinary visible light, so your
camera can work at night. (CCD cameras can see infrared light that a human eye
cannot see.)

I suspect you can spend a lot of money, without much in the way of a guarantee
of results.


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