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my friend have an old Pc with a Atrend Atc 6310v . when i turn it on a
text is shown like this:
"award bois blocked" and checksum error. i can boot this computer only
with award bootable Floppy to flash it. could you please tell me how i
can get Flash file and Flasher Program to solve my friend's problem?

Re: Award Bios Blocked

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Go here for a lead in to Drivers site, You`ll have to register for free,

Re: Award Bios Blocked

On 22 Apr 2006 09:53:11 -0700, wrote:

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First, disconnect AC power, pull the battery for 10 minutes
to clear CMOS and while battery is out, check it's voltage
as it may be near dead (causing problem).  If you can't
check the voltage you might consider getting a new battery,
though I can't be sure that's the problem but such batteries
are cheap, usually about $1.50 a drugstore if you didn't
have a spare already (some automobile remote controls also
take similar or same size battery, as well as other misc

Make sure the battery stays out for several minutes or use
the clear-CMOS jumper (also while AC is disconnected).

Unless the board was pulled out for some reason or the
system was changed, a board won't generally just "loose"
it's bios unless there is some other problem.  Unless you
had a situation not mentioned, flashing the bios may not be
needed or might only be a momentary fix then the original
problem causes it to do same thing again.

When system first initializes, it won't be able to execute
bios if it's severely instable too.  A borderline
,progressively failing motherboard or PSU can also cause
this, or if the heatsink weren't on and CPU quickly
overheated it could do similarly.  Inspect system,
especially the capacitors on that (old, generic branded)

Re: Award Bios Blocked

Several minutes?? Ive never done it for minutes, just seconds for me and its
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Re: Award Bios Blocked

Chris H wrote:
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It can easily take minutes. There is a capacitor in parallel with the
battery circuit to the CMOS chip and it is there to provide bridge power
when the battery is changed. Some MBs have larger capacitors than
others. Some CMOS chips draw more idle current than others. Both factors
determine how long it takes the CMOS to lose its contents which will
force the BIOS to reset it to default state upon a restart but I've seen
it hold up for at least three minutes. BTW, the time delay is only of
concern when removing the battery -- if one moves the "reset CMOS"
jumper on the MB as the typical instructions call for the action
disconnects the battery and shorts the capacitor forcing an immediate reset.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Award Bios Blocked

On Sun, 23 Apr 2006 23:34:34 GMT, "Chris H"

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Several seconds "may" work but not always.  Several minutes
should always work unless there is a secondary battery or
unusual memory backup system.

Re: Award Bios Blocked wrote:
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Sometimes if a computer is left unplugged for a very long time
(MONTHS/YEARS) the battery will drain on its own just from running the
clock. You can sometimes recover from this by leaving the computer on
for a day or so. But you have to go into the BIOS to load the default
(or correct) settings.

If that doesn't work, or you're in a hurry and have no need so save
$1-$3 on a new battery, just replace the battery with a new one. But
you still htave to enterc the setup program.

THere's something of interest I saw while searching online.

"Award BIOS supports PnP, Desktop Management Interface (DMI), Advanced
Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), INT 13 extension, Green power
features, Anti-Virus protection and is CD-ROM, LS-120, ZIP and SCSI
bootable Hot key at boot failure allows user to press "Insert" key to
easily clear CMOS memory and recover BIOS settings"

The Manual.

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