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when i went to museum, the visitor hold a device for listening the site

what's this device called?  any web site?

Thanks a lot.


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Without knowing what museum you're talking about, or what exhibits or
the circumstances of the visit, it's impossible to answer your
question.  I can only guess.

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, offers what's
known as "audio tours."  These are CDs or cassette tapes you can
purchase with an audio commentary track by a professor at a local
university, a celebrity, or some unknown tour guide.  The University
of Toronto uses similar recordings as part of the course materials for
guided tours of local museums and galleries for various courses.  The
tours used to be bundled in the course lab manuals, but some courses
now offer the audio files as MP3s on the course web sites.   People
just basically load up the audio tour on their tape players, CD
players or MP3 players, and then wander the museum going from exhibit
to exhibit with the recorded commentator telling the visitor details
of each exhibit before giving them instructions on how to reach the
next one.  A popular series of MP3 players is the iPod, though there
are hundreds of others, of varying sizes and capacities.

If you mean the interactive displays that are an integral part of the
display, that might be a "kiosk display".  Something like  where the
visitor presses a button and a prerecorded movie is played or audio
track is played.  They're often little more than a PC or some other
computer wrapped up in a fancy box to hide what it is, with a series
of press buttons or a touch screen overlay for interaction.


Re: Auto Speaker

That's what i needed.  but it is difficult to find it in the Hong Kong

if i can know its formal name or band name, i can be more easy to order it.

it is simply a MP3 player.  But i need it more firm in case and large in
size and its button.

anyway, thanks a lot..

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Re: Auto Speaker

Tony WONG wrote:
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a reader, or text to speech software. Freeware ones are available IIRC.


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