attaching socket 478 heatsink

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For my socket 478 motherboard, I put in a new CPU but am having trouble
fitting the new heatsink and attaching it.  The problem is that I can't
figure out how "attach" or clip the heatsink to the plastic clip which
attaches to the motherboard.  I may simply have ordered the wrong
heatsink.  My heatsink looks much like:

( product link shortened)

with a rectangular plastic bit which connects the fan to the heatsink and
motherboard.  (Not sure what this is called, or how to better describe

the new heatsink is of type:

and the clips don't seem to fit.  There are some metal clips which came
with it, however they don't seem to fit anything I have.  Are all socket
478 heatsinks compatible with each other, or are there different kinds of

I'm fairly certain that I have socket 478:

My hardware report from the CLI:

thufir@tleilax:~$ lshw
WARNING: you should run this program as super-user.
    description: Computer
    width: 32 bits
       description: Motherboard
       physical id: 0
     *-generic UNCLAIMED
          physical id: 4621
          bus info: parisc@4621
          description: System memory
          physical id: 0
          size: 464MiB
          product: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.53GHz
          vendor: Intel Corp.
          physical id: 1
          bus info: cpu@0
          version: 15.2.7
          size: 2550MHz
          width: 32 bits
          capabilities: fpu fpu_exception wp vme de pse tsc msr pae mce
cx8 apic mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss
ht tm pbe up pebs bts
          configuration: id=0
             description: L1 cache
             physical id: 0
             size: 8KiB
             description: L2 cache
             physical id: 1
             size: 512KiB



Re: attaching socket 478 heatsink

On 1/3/2011 4:47 AM, Thufir Hawat wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I'm a bit surprised that your heat sink kit did not come with a mount.
There are different mechanisms, and it's entirely possible you now have
a mismatched set.

Having just refurbished an Optiplex GX270, which has a socket 478 board,
I can identify a style that does not use "hooks" at all.  It has a
plastic mount, probably like the one you have, that was secured to the
motherboard with some plastic "pop rivets."  The heat sink was mounted
by just snapping it into that mount (the mount had two tabs on opposite
sides) and then held tight by a couple of plastic tensioners.  You can
seem them (in green) here:

I would want to be able to inspect it myself, but from this distant
vantage point I can only discourage you from trying to "just make it
work," as it's really critical the heat sink maintains proper contact
with the processor.  (But you knew that already.)

Re: attaching socket 478 heatsink

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I know this isnt your specific motherboard, but see those 4 holes in the
retaining housing? thats where you put the clips.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: attaching socket 478 heatsink

Thufir Hawat wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Just to be clear, you're fitting this...

to S478 ? The S478 motherboard, should have a retention frame,
with four plastic stands suited for hooking.

The Masscool product should come with two clips. One side of the
clip is movable on each one.

The clips would fit over the ends of the aluminum part of the
heatsink, and fasten to the plastic hooks on the motherboard.
There will be spring tension in the clips, while you're fastening
it, so it'll probably hurt your fingers in the process.

The clips will fit over top of the Masscool, roughly like this.
(It's pretty hard to find good pictures of installs.) You hook the
passive hook into the retention frame, then press down the movable
end of the clip, to hook it onto the plastic hook opposite. One
clip on each end.


Re: attaching socket 478 heatsink

I went to a shop, and they said to connect the retention clips,
directly to the retention frame (is it retention or retension?).

I've been trying to include the, I suppose, retention "clip" which the
original heatsink uses.  The original uses a plastic square which fits
over the top of the heatsink which then attaches to the side of the
heatsink.  Now that I know to leave that part out, makes much more

I seem to have misplaced the clips for the time being, but as soon as
I find them it should be pretty straight forward.

Thanks for the pictures and the posts, all, quite helpful :)


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