ATI X200 integrated video

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I'll be grateful for any information about what the ATI
X200 integrated video is like, as incorporated in the MSI
RS480M2-IL ? I don't expect it to be high-end, but
which popular GPU will be its approximate equivalent ?
Is it better than the nForce 2 IGP ? If so, by how much ?

I have not been able to find a proper review, and my
internet connection has been abominably slow these past
few days (download speed around 0.1 KB/s).

Re: ATI X200 integrated video

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I've been advised that its in between the performance which could be
expected from a Radeon X300 and an X300SE. Its basically an X300 which
shares system memory. Its fully DirectX 9 compliant and the info on it can
be found here:

I'm considering exactly that same board for when I build a Media Centre PC
but I wouldn't want to use it for serious gaming.


Re: ATI X200 integrated video

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 01:04:44 +0530, "Zotin Khuma"

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Doesn't really matter much does it?  
I mean, neither is fast enough for current gaming but both
(any modern DDR based integrated video for that matter) is
plenty fast enough for typical 2D PC uses including DVDs,

Re: ATI X200 integrated video

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Thanks for the quick response, Paul and Kony. And kony,
I always respect your opinions, but the fact is that a lot of
people are still quite content with nForce 2 gfx because,
although they know that even a lowly FX5200 is better than
an nForce 2 IGP, they simply cannot afford anything better.
Many of these people actually gush over how well the
nForce 2 IGP lets them play Doom 3, AoE or NFSU - at
low settings of course.

The situation is a bit different with the X200 because it's
available only for S939 and even the slowest S939 CPU
costs more than an entry-level S754 mobo plus gfx card.

Still, I'd really like to know because some people need a
fast processor and would also like to have reasonable gaming
experience, but cannot afford to bundle it with a matching
video card at the same time. They could upgrade to
something like a 6600 later.

Re: ATI X200 integrated video

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Well the price here in the UK for that MSI board is only just over what it
costs for a graphics card of similar spec to its built in graphics:
MSI RS480M2-IL motherboard for 63.67 including VAT
Radeon X300 128MB PCI Express Graphics card for 56.39 including VAT
That means the motherboard component works out at about 8 (+ the cost of
extra memory to be shared with graphics) - pretty good value if you ask me.
Sure you could get a Socket 754 Nvidea chipset motherboard for less but if
its longevity you want, chances are you're not going to be able to upgrade
it so easily down the track -a bit like S423 Pentium 4 motherboards these
days. S939 CPUs are only a little more expensive than similar speed S754
Athlon 64 CPUs here so I'm not sure you'd save much in the end by buying the
older gear.


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