ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Faliure HELP

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Hello all-

I have had a rough experience with Hybrid Gear Computer Corp in Bryan
TX. I had them build a really really fast laptop for me in nov. 2003
3.2 ghz P4 w/ Hyperthreading & 800 mhz FSB, 1G ram,dvd, burner, skimpy
HD and an ATI mobility Radeon 9600 128mb. Suddenly about 3 months ago,
simple graphics procedures fail and the ATI2dvag.dll causes bluescreen
of death constantly. Tried with everydriver I could find for a month.I
think that the Graphics card has gone bad, but this computer is usualy
sooo fast, even for todays market that I cant imagine parting with it.
How do I install a new card? Where can I find one? Will it fit? how can
I know that this is the problem. When I say simple graphics procedures
I mean startbar takes 30seconds to load when clicked on. I Use my
computer for school (GIS & 3ds Max) and I cant be without it much
longer, and I definatly do not have enough cash to get a new laptop..
Please help me out.

 I think Hybridgear went under. My package was returned by UPS because
after 4 delivery attempts noone at their company signed for it, and
nobody is answering phones either.

Re: ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Faliure HELP wrote:
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You should open the notebook and verify that the GPU heatsink is not
loose and the fan is working.  It might be a simple overheat problem.
OTOH, it could be something else.  What happens in safe mode when the
card is inoperative?

Re: ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Faliure HELP

Thanks Quaoar,
It works fine in safemode, VGA mode and in SM with networking. I can
see and hear both of the laptop casefans running when computer is on
(one in back, one in hole with vent on top and bottom of of upper Left
corner of notebook case. Could there be an additional fan on the GPU? I
dont know that it is overheating, if so, wouldnt the processes
deteriorate over the course of 10 minutes or so? I havent noticed
anything like that.
Thanks for the thought, Any other ideas?

PS so much for the 3 year warranty...

Re: ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Faliure HELP wrote:
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OK, I've failed to read your post thoroughly. First, from a command
prompt, run chkdsk /f.  You will be asked to reboot for the disk check
so type Y.  Reboot.  On the next boot, run Disk Cleanup and clean out
all of the temp and temp internet files.  Again reboot.

Open System Properties Control Panel, Hardware tab, Device Manager.  Do
you see any devices with yellow or red icons? Report what you see.

Open Administrative Tools Control Panel, Even Viewer.  Look through the
Application events and the System Events for recurring yellow warnings
and red errors. Report what you see.

Do you have the originally installed ATI driver?


Re: ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Faliure HELP

Thanks again for the reply. There aren't any device conflicts, the
laptop only has one videocard. As I was looking through system events
the other day, I recieved a notice that the cards device driver stopped
responding. The driver file is ATIdvag2.dll and it has always been the
one that stops responding and the one that has caused my numerous
physical mem dumps. Anyway, the display reverted to  640x480 vga mode
and let me do a safe reboot but shortly after the reboot i got a
bluescreen of death! I dont hear anything rattling in the computer, but
I am trying to take the case apart anyway. There must be somthing I can
do, even if it is replace the videocard eventually. How hard would it
be to find a direct replacement? obviously they are produced in such a
way that the assholes who first built this machine for me could get one
to put in in the first place. Maybe ill find a melted chunk of board in
there or somthing. As i am looking at it, an overheat could be
likely... the vent for the location I suspect the card to be in is
right where your lap would be while using it.

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