Athlon XP 2400, MSI KT6 Delta and Radeon 9800 Pro - System crashes after starting 3D app

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Hello, Folks !

My system is giving me a hard time. I don't know how it really started,
but anyway, please help !

Athlon XP 2400
MSI KT6 Delta - LSR (6590)
2x DDR 512 PC-2100 (266 MHz)
Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB (BuiltByATI) - with 2 monitors attached.
Catalyst Driver 6.14

Symptom 1:
My Athlon XP 2400 should run at 133x15, but MSI CoreCenter states that
it's running at 182x11. I tried to force my AMI BIOS to 133x15, but
then the system does not post. I forced the BIOS to 133MHz but let the
multiplier to AUTO, and then it posts. CoreCenter still says 182x11.
Strange enough, CPU-Z 1.37 says that I'm running at 133x15. Which one
should I believe ?

Symptom 2:
When I start any 3D application, such as a game or even Catalyst
Control Panel, in the 3D tabs that show that car running on the window,
my computer crashes. First, the main screen goes black, then the second
one gets crashed and the system becomes unusable.

Any tips to solve these problems ?

Thanks and Regards,


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