Athlon x2 6000 max temp

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When playing 3-D games my CPU's max temp is around 68-70 degrees
celsius. I use Noctua cooler. In idle the temp is around 42 degrees
celsius. Is it dangerous? In CPU specifications max temp is 63 degrees.
TDP of my CPU is 89 W.


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Re: Athlon x2 6000 max temp

On Thu, 01 Jan 2009 21:55:31 +0100, Leszek thoughfully wrote:

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I don't think its dangerous.  Mass Effect is the only game that causes  
high temp problems.  I have the bios set to shut down around 60C.  Mass
Effect was brutal in summer months shutting down every 4-6 min depending
on game play, not so bad in winter (lower room temps).  Knock on wood, my
cpu (x2 6000) is still running great.

Re: Athlon x2 6000 max temp

On Thu, 01 Jan 2009 21:55:31 +0100, Leszek

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It is not dangerous, but unless your room is very warm, your
case airflow very bad, the heatsink is clogged with dust, or
you are overclocking, your temperatures seem higher than
they would normally be.

You might try taking the heatsink off, cleaning the thermal
compound off the CPU and heatsink, and applying only a tiny
bit of quality synthetic heatsink grease to the middle of
the processor heat spreader.  If the heatsink is very flat
on the bottom, a 1/2 grain of rice sized blob of grease is
enough, it will spread out over time so the temperature will
be a few degrees cooler after a few days and thermal cycles
of the system.

Re: Athlon x2 6000 max temp

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The 6000s are known to run hot so its not abnormal for you to see those
temps but they are
a little high all the same. Noctua make very good coolers but dont just rely
on the CPU cooler.
Having a couple of case fans (inlet and outlet) can knock 10 degrees off the
ambient and CPU temps.
Don't just rely on the PSU fan to extract hot air from the case.

The last 2 AMD dual cores I had were a X2 3800 and a X2 4400 - I overclocked
both and when seeking the limits
I found that at 70 degrees Celsius both CPUs would automatically shutdown.
Neither showed any sign of damage after a

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