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Hi all

I have come by an Athlon box 2.2GHz 448Mb RAM running XP Media Centre.

Can anyone help with the following please?

Is XP media centre like XP home - i. e. no administrator account except in
safe mode?

I would like add an old IDE drive into the box to recover data.
The existing HD is SATA I believe, connected by bright orange/red flat
There is a CD writer attached via a ribbon cable.
Can I connect the old drive to a spare connector on this ribbon cable?
I understand that I will have to set the drive jumpers to "slave"?
Also, the old drive will have been assigned the letter C from its original
install.  Will this confuse the boot process, or will it be assigned a new
letter in the Athlon box?



Re: Athlon and XP Questions

TheScullster wrote:

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Re: Athlon and XP Questions

On 9/28/2011 2:46 AM, TheScullster wrote:
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Windows XP Media Center Edition is an extended version of Windows XP
Professional.  All three editions typically have an Administrator
account, it's just that it does not show up on the Welcome Screen except
in Safe Mode.

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If the cable is about 1/4" side, I would say you're correct.

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The jumpers will have to be correct.  Check the jumper on your CD-RW--is
it set to Master or Cable Select?  If it's using Cable Select (CS), then
you can likely set the same on your hard drive.

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The added hard drive should just pick up the first unused drive letter.

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If you plan on doing this sort of thing very often, you might want to
consider buying one of these:

The are really handy, and work great.  In fact, I might buy another one
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