Atheros AR5002G Wireless Network Adapter Help

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I can't install driver(s) for this PCI wireless adapter.
Device Manager shows I need a driver.
I think  it is a  Atheros AR5002G Wireless Network Adapter.

When I try to install the driver  provided by DriverAgent, I get an
error "QMI module missing".

Google has references to this error but I have not found anything that

Can anyone help?

Big Fred

Re: Atheros AR5002G Wireless Network Adapter Help

Frederick wrote:
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Is this your Linksys WMP110 (version 1 or version 2) ?

This is the version 1 driver. When you look at the VEN and DEV
info in the net5416.inf file, it is VEN_168C&DEV_0023

If I look in PCI.IDS, that INF corresponds to the following hardware.

168c  Atheros Communications Inc.
    0023  AR5008 Wireless Network Adapter

That is for version 1.


For version 2, the advice here is, that a different chipset was
used, an Ralinktech chipset. Cisco leaves you on your own to find
this driver.


How are you concluding it is an Atheros AR5002G ?

Is this a different product than the one we were discussing
recently ?

It might be easier to trace down, using the "popular name"
than the chipset name. Atheros has a few websites, but
it would be nice to have some other info as a double check.


Re: Re: Atheros AR5002G Wireless Network Adapter Help

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One and the same.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I have been able to get it to work and am using it right now.  It is
communicating with my Verizon router just fine and recognizes the
latter's WEP address okay too.  I have disabled the CAT5 connection
which was my objective,  and all is okay.  Now I have to just figure
out how I accomplished this.

DriverAgent originally identified the adapter as Atheros AR5002G
Wireless Network Adapter Driver, and correctly indicated it needed a
driver which was R223648.exe. That  failed however during installation
with a known (Google) problem 'QMI module is missing'.    My review
this morning shows I downloaded

linked from one of the suggested solutions to the QMI problem that
seemed to do the trick. Driver Agent now identifies the adapter as
Atheros AR5008 Wireless Network Adapter, and indicates it is current
and okay.  

My Device Manager now shows driver athw.sys for the adapter under
System32\drivers as is normal.  

Thanks Paul

Big Fred

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