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    I have an Athlon 1.4 on a Gigabyte GA-7DXR board.  This board has 4 IDE

IDE 1 and IDE 2 Supports PIO mode 3, 4 UDMA 33 /

IDE 3 and IDE 4 Compatible with Raid, Ultra ATA100,
Ultra ATA66, Ultra ATA33, EIDE

Will I notice an improvement installing my new WD 160 GB drive on IDE3 vs.
IDE1?  Is there much of a difference between regular ATA and Ultra ATA?


Re: ATA hard drive question


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There is no regular ATA vs Ultra ATA, they merely worded it
differently and both support UDMA, ATA33/66/100.  IDE1 and 2
also support PIO mode and ATAPI, so an optical drive for
example would need be on 1 or 2.

The difference appears to be that the 3rd & 4th are provided
by a discrete controller sitting on the PCI bus.  That makes
any devices connected to these 3rd or 4th, slower.   Leave
the drive connected to 1 or 2 if the performance matters.
It  may easily not matter if only store, rather than work
with common files such as video or music playback which have
playback requirements of a data rate still lower than the
performance would be.

Re: ATA hard drive question

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Just what I was looking for.  Thanks a bunch.

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