Asus Z91e Keyboard

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I gave my 7 year old grandson a second hand Ergo Enis S (which is a
rebadged Asus Z91e) laptop six months ago.   It has suddenly developed
a keyboard problem.   The r key acts as if the alt key has also been
pressed, so typing in Word means that instead of the letter r appearing
in the text, the ribbon jumps to the Review tab.   In Internet Explorer
when trying to enter r in Google's search bar the focus, and the letter
r, jump to the address bar.   In all other respects the keyboard works
as normal.

I have proved that it is not a Windows problem (the machine runs
Windows XP) by booting into Xubuntu from a CD and found the fault still
present.   I also noticed that the touch pad is inoperative (the laptop
seems not to even detect it) and wondered whether this may be connected
with the keyboard problem.   However the touch pad can be lived without
by plugging in a mouse.

Two questions please.  First, has anybody any idea what could be
causing this letter r fault and second, if it is (as seems likely) an
internal problem how do you gain access to the keyboard internals etc.
I have removed all the screws from the base and removed the CD tray but
it did not seem to want to come apart.


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