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Hi guys,

I just bought an Asus Silent Square cooler off ebay for my Athlon 64 X2
5200+, but now I'm worried it's not going to fit.

The listing page said it supported Athlon 64 X2 processors so I went ahead
and bought it, but what I didn't realise is that the X2's also came in a
socket 939 and that the cooler I just bought is not designed for socket AM2!

Does anyone have experience with this product ? is it just a matter of
drilling new holes in the bracket to get it to mount ?  I'd rather not have
to return it as it looks ideal..

There is apparently a pro version that will support AM2, but it comes in
this horrible bright orange color for some stupid reason..  (so I won't be
buying it)..

The pro version apparently uses a different bracket, so does anyone know if
the bracket from the pro will fit the non-pro version ?


Re: asus silent square cooler

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 20:37:22 -0400, "Skeleton Man"

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Are you certain of this, their product page makes it seem

This doc lists AM2 boards, it just looks like the 'sink
can't be rotated 90' on some

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I wouldn't get hung up on a single heatsink, if it won't
work then just get something else.  If you got a good deal
on it then you might even make a profit reselling it.

Re: asus silent square cooler

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I know, yet some of the reviews talk about difficulties and custom brackets
needed to make it fit AM2 (despite what the docs say)..

It appears that I am in luck though, as someone sells an adapter to use a
S939 cooler on an AM2 board:

This looks to be exactly as the modifications describe - two flat metal
straps with holes in them..

Thanks Kony..


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